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Alan Matheson Named CEO of the Year by Utah Business

Utah Business has just named Alan Matheson, The Point executive director, CEO of the Year. This award honors CEOs who have led their organizations with strength, courage and endurance. Appointed in July 2019 by the Point of the Mountain State Land Authority (Land Authority), Matheson has brought a wealth of experience to the most significant development in state history.

Matheson’s decades-long career has been dedicated to selfless public service. Prior to his leadership at The Point, Matheson served as the Utah Department of Environmental Quality’s executive director, overseeing a department of 400 employees and an annual budget of $80 million. In addition, Matheson served as the statewide planning coordinator under Governor Gary Herbert’s administration and as the executive director of Envision Utah. Prior to these roles, he worked as a successful attorney in private practice.

Matheson’s exceptional legal background coupled with his extensive policy-making experience positioned him well to successfully oversee development at The Point. In addition to his impressive professional qualifications, Matheson has conducted his work with the utmost integrity, earning the public’s trust and ensuring The Point provides an excellent quality of life for current and future generations of Utahns.

“Few individuals have the level of integrity and professionalism that Alan Matheson exhibits,” said Land Authority co-chair Lowry Snow. “Having known Alan for over a decade. These attributes are not recent additions; they are cultivated and inherent qualities that have made him extremely successful in every position he has held throughout this respected career.” 

Known as Utah's Innovation Community, The Point represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity to create Utah’s Innovation Community. As mentioned in a detailed TechBuzz article last year, The Point will offer a wide diversity of housing options, facilitate robust economic opportunity, provide parks and regional trail connections. It will create a future-focused community that reflects Utahns’ vision and values.

Over the past four years as executive director, Matheson has engaged over 16,000 Utahns, led deeply complex negotiations that resulted in the selection of world-class development partners, and has secured $2.3 billion in private-sector investment for the massive project.

Maximizing the public’s investment, Matheson has worked closely with the Utah State Legislature to allocate $165 million for building critical site infrastructure, a loan that will be repaid to taxpayers with interest. He has established world-leading sustainability standards to ensure responsible stewardship of water and energy use. In addition, Matheson has collaborated with Utah’s transportation agencies to plan for an innovative, multi-modal transportation system that incorporates not only roads, transit, biking, and walking, but also advanced technologies such as automated vehicles and advanced air mobility.   

“Alan is the embodiment of a true statesman. He works tirelessly for the people of Utah and is an extremely impressive individual,” said Land Authority co-chair and State Representative Jordan Teuscher. “He adeptly manages complex issues and processes, meaningfully engaging the public and garnering their trust. Utahns are better off because of him, and I am a better person for knowing him.”

Matheson’s groundbreaking work will continue in the coming years as The Point moves forward with its first phase of development set to begin this spring. Upon full built out, The Point is expected to generate nearly 50,000 high-paying jobs, 17,000 new homes and contribute billions of dollars to state GDP.

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For more information about the award criteria and nomination process, visit

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