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CompTIA Releases State of the Tech Workforce 2024

CompTIA's “State of the Tech Workforce” represents the most comprehensive source of data on the size and scope of the U.S. technology industry and workforce, according to the company. The report includes data on employment, wages, business establishments, job postings, workforce diversity, emerging tech metrics and more.

Among many of its findings, it suggests U.S. technology employment gains may see a brighter outlook in returning to growth in this year. Projections outlined in the report indicate that 20 states and 14 metropolitan areas will exceed the average growth rate. Twenty-six metro markets are expected to at least double last year’s job growth rate, reflecting the diversity of tech hub concentrations across the country.

The company's recently published “State of the Tech Workforce 2024” report forecasts net tech employment spanning the aggregate tech sector and tech occupation workforces reaching 9.9 million workers this year—an increase of more than 300,000 net new workers. This represents a projected year-over-year gain of 3.1%, reversing the modest increase of 1.2% during 2023.

CompTIA's research staff, led by Tim Herbert, Chief Research Officer, analyzes data from Lightcast, US Bureau of Labor Statistics, US Bureau of Economic Analysts, and other sources for the report

The CompTIA report suggests economic impact of tech will also continue to expand, building on a base of an estimated $2 trillion in annual direct economic impact and more than 650,000 technology companies contributing to the U.S. economy. Tech sectors in 30 states generate $10 billion or more in direct economic impact.

“After periods of overperformance and underperformance, the overarching tech story remains positive,” said Herbert. “Ensuring a thriving, globally competitive workforce means further committing to developing the country’s base of tech and digital talent through time-tested and alternative pathways.”

Long-term projections for job growth are also on solid footing. Over the next ten years tech occupation employment is expected to expand at about twice the rate of overall employment across the U.S. economy.

Growth driver occupations will expand even faster. Positions in the data science and data analyst category, cybersecurity category, software development category, UI/UX category and emerging tech category including artificial intelligence will grow at the fastest rates on a percentage basis. On a volume basis, core infrastructure positions in networking and cloud engineering, along with tech support positions, will continue to serve as the on ramp for many starting a career in technology.

Analysis of employer job posting data confirms broad based hiring for these in demand skills and job roles. Aggregate job posting volumes for hiring in core tech jobs roles reached nearly 2.9 million in 2023, while postings for basic digital or advanced digital fluency skills totaled 8.9 million.

For Utah specifically, the report indicates leading tech occupations in the Beehive State have increased between 5.2 and 6.4%, depending on the specific occupation. The report summarizes certain 2023 Utah tech employment data as follows: 

 Net Tech Employment  126,592
 Net Employment as a % of Overall Workforce  7.1%
 Economic Impact  $22.5 billion
 Economic Impact as a % of Overall  10%
 Tech Business Establishments (firms with payroll)  10,484
 Employer Job Postings for Tech Occupations   29,990
 Emerging Tech Employer Job Postings % of Total  16.3%


The CompTIA report offers multiple "top 10" lists, including states that have the highest projected change in tech occupation growth over the coming decade (2024-2034). It showed Utah at the top of that list at 33% projected growth. 

 Utah  33%
 Wyoming  29%
 Texas  28%
 New York  26%
 Nevada  25%
 Idaho  25%
 West Virginia  24%
 Tennessee  24%
 Mississippi  24%
 South Carolina  22%


For more details on the report's Utah findings, see graphic below, or page 10 and page 60 of the report.

The Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) is the leading information technology (IT) certification and training body. CompTIA is a mission-driven organization committed to unlocking the potential of every student, career changer or professional seeking to begin or advance in a technology career. Millions of current and aspiring technology workers around the world rely on CompTIA for the training, education and professional certifications that give them the confidence and skills to work in tech.

In December 2022, CompTIA, headquartered in the Chicago area (Downers Grove, shown above), acquired TestOut Corporation, an ed tech company previously headquartered in downtown Pleasant Grove, Utah. CompTIA's Utah employees now either work out of Kiln Lehi or work remote.

Access CompTIA"s State of the Tech Workforce 2024 full report at

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