2021 Utah Financings and Exits/IPOs Summary as of September 14, 2021

TechBuzz continually gathers data on financing events and Exits/IPOs of Utah startups and tech companies, as shown in the Infographic below.

A note about the data. Some of the data represents our best estimate, which we note. Sometimes companies choose not to disclose financial data, especially in acquisitions, which we also note where applicable. Also, in IPO mentions we use either an estimate of funds raised by the given company on the opening day of the IPO, or the actual funds raised as reported by the company. This figure is not the total company valuation as a result of the IPO, usually a much larger number, as previous infographics may have shown.

While we strive for accuracy, we also acknowledge the possibility for errors or incomplete data. Help us make the data more accurate, and complete.

Contact info@techbuzz.news if you have any additions or suggestions.


Our mission is to shine a spotlight on all great things happening in the Utah technology/startup community and be a fair, independent voice for the Utah Tech Scene.

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