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Gabb Launches Safe Video Calling App

Gabb has released Gabb Messenger Safe Video Calling, an app that detects potential nudity during video calls and alerts parents.

In early 2023, Gabb Messenger replaced traditional texting on Gabb phones. A companion app for caregivers, Gabb Messenger Parents accompanies this release. The combination of both apps provides kids with a safer messaging experience while empowering parents to stay informed and take necessary action in case of potentially high-risk communications.

In addition to alerting parents of high-risk communications, safe video calls are automatically disconnected and disabled when potential nudity has been detected. Parents can easily enable or disable video calling as they see fit with Gabb Messenger Parents—available on Apple and Android devices.

The combination of flagging messages for potentially high-risk texts and images, along with the current offering of the free beta version of safe video calling, offers a better way for kids and teens to safely connect. 

“Video calling is becoming more of a primary way to communicate than before,” says Nate Randle, CEO of Gabb, “We’re very excited to provide this functionality in a way that focuses on kid safety, because helping protect kids from the dangers of a connected world is why we exist.”

Gabb designed the Gabb Messenger app from the ground up with kids and teens as the top priority. Parents or guardians won’t have to constantly monitor a child’s communications or configure complicated safety settings that only alert them of problems after damage has been done. 

Gabb Messenger Safe Video Calling is powered by Agora, the industry-leading real-time engagement technology provider. Agora’s video calling API enables Gabb to support high-quality, reliable video calls, even in areas with limited connectivity. Agora integrates seamlessly with Gabb’s advanced moderation engine and offers robust security and built-in encryption to guarantee secure connections for children and their families. This aligns perfectly with Gabb's commitment to providing a safe, controlled environment for its young users.

"We are thrilled to partner with Gabb to power their new Safe Video Calling feature. Our technology is built with safety and privacy at its core, ensuring the highest standards of protection for children and their families," said Tony Zhao, CEO at "Through this collaboration, we're helping Gabb empower young users to safely connect with their loved ones, while providing parents with peace of mind knowing that their children are engaging on a secure and reliable platform."

Using smart filtration, Gabb Messenger automatically blocks nude images from messages with anyone while also blocking explicit language and links from unknown contacts. Parents are notified about the content above so that important conversations between parents and kids can happen, building stronger connections. This approach helps keep risky content from reaching kids in the first place, because prevention beats damage control.

“A lot of people think safe tech is just about keeping kids away from bad apps and websites. The reality is that this is not enough,” explains Gabb VP of Engineering, Jonatan Littke. “A significant portion of the harmful content comes from things sent by friends, group chats, and strangers through messaging platforms. To be able to offer a safe video calling option is meaningful, so that kids can stay connected and safe, without having to compromise between the two.”

Through Gabb Messenger Parents caregivers are alerted and can view flagged messages sent by or received on their child’s device. Parents have control over whether kids can delete messages or not. Flagged messages help provide parents the opportunity to intervene in cases of mistakes made online, grooming, self harm and bullying before situations escalate. Gabb Messenger Parents also gives caregivers the option to manage approved contacts, so kids are only allowed to message and video call with contacts the parent approves.

For more information, see the Gabb Messenger product page.

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