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Mindsmith Updates its AI eLearning Software

AI-driven learning platform, Mindsmith, provides instructional designers an AI-based tool that streamlines the process of developing educational content. In December 2023, TechBuzz covered the Orem-based edtech company's $500,000 pre-seed investment and its founding (in August 2022) by co-founders Ethan Webb (CEO) and Zachary Allen (CTO).

Today the company announced it has released a suite of new features that represent a significant update of its elearning platform. These improvements focus on enhancing usability, creativity, and efficiency for users:

  • Dalle-3 for generating images in the platform's images manager, (as shown).
  • Updated Instructions Generator: Mindsmith's default generator now adds structural directives for the AI such as, "check understanding throughout the lesson" or "only give a quiz at the end", and utilize new section types to define each part of your lesson clearly.
  • OpenAI Voices Integration: All Mindsmith users can now hear more expressive and realistic voice options due to the platform's integration with OpenAI voices.
  • Redesigned License Management Dashboard for Teams-tier users, allowing them to managing licenses (view, assign and remove) more easily.
  • The company also launched its New Editing/Design Experience. The fresh UX includes a filmstrip and larger editing windows.

The company also overhauled and revamped its website to make it more visually appealing and user-friendly. It also provides users with a "Built with Mindsmith" tag reflecting its latest branding to allow users to show that they are part of a growing community.

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