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Outdoor Adrentures Launches a Marketplace for Outdoor Equipment and Powersports Rentals

PEOPLE & CULTURE - May 16, 2022

This is part five of a series on Utah's Polynesian entrepreneurs. See parts one, two, three, and four.  Tiafau Purcell took a different path to coll... Read More

Galvan, the First of Many Companies in the “Blockchain Incubator”

PEOPLE & CULTURE - May 09, 2022

  Lehi is the birthplace of more than just emerging startup companies. Recently, TechBuzz sat down with Nathan Covey, VP of Marketing at Galvan, a healt... Read More

Wishing Everyone a Happy Tech Mother's Day

PEOPLE & CULTURE - May 06, 2022

It seems only appropriate to take a moment to recognize all our wonderful mothers in tech! Each of these passionate, resilient, and persevering women not only h... Read More

Derivita Expands to K-12; Sees 10X Revenue Growth

PEOPLE & CULTURE - May 04, 2022

Here in Utah the name Silicon Slopes continues to gain momentum and popularity. Utah has certainly made a name for itself in the growing technology world. As th... Read More

Scorpion Opens HQ in Lehi, Representing New Chapter in Growth Story

PEOPLE & CULTURE - May 03, 2022

By Elainna Ciaramella  Utah is the birthplace of numerous tech startups that have put the Beehive state on the map as a high-tech hub, rivaling Silicon ... Read More

Intergalactic Expands into Space Market

PEOPLE & CULTURE - April 27, 2022

By Elainna Ciaramella    “In the modern era, we’ve had the Industrial Revolution, the Information Age, and soon, the Space Age. Space is... Read More

Utah’s Consumer Summit 2022: Cydni Tetro and Shauna Smith Preview a Celebration of Utah’s Consumer Goods Industry

PEOPLE & CULTURE - April 25, 2022

By Karin Anderson TechBuzz welcomes Karin Anderson, a nonfiction and fiction writer focused on people, places, and cultures of the Great Basin.  ... Read More

Pixie–Managing the Mental Load of Home Life

PEOPLE & CULTURE - April 20, 2022

With three kids ages five, three, and one, Liz and Ryan Reeves were struggling to manage all of the demands and challenges of a busy young family. Ryan worked f... Read More

Utah LFG! How UT Tech Leaders Are Promoting a Giving Culture

PEOPLE & CULTURE - April 14, 2022

  Sterling Snow, CRO at Divvy, has certainly made a reputation for himself. His tagline often shared on LinkedIn, Utah LFG! has become a famous (infamou... Read More

Tyfoom: Microlearning in the Digital Age

PEOPLE & CULTURE - April 11, 2022

Social media has changed the way we consume information. Consumers today expect quick, easily digestible content. Moreover, companies in certain industries need... Read More

Punk Rock, Playlists, and Product Polish: The Latest from Mixtape Social Music

PEOPLE & CULTURE - April 05, 2022

Founded as Mix-Tape (hyphenated) in 2019 and re-founded as Mixtape in 2020, Mixtape Social Music (Lehi, Utah) is a playlist-first streaming platform—a &ld... Read More

Appdetex Names Rick Farnell as CEO

PEOPLE & CULTURE - March 22, 2022

Three weeks ago, Rick Farnell took the helm as CEO at Appdetex, a brand-protection cyber security company in Boise, Idaho.  “I was brought on... Read More

Utah Author Shatters Kickstarter Record

PEOPLE & CULTURE - March 17, 2022

The release of fantasy novels isn't the usual fare for TechBuzz News. But when a Utah author uses Kickstarter to pre-sell nearly $30 million of books, ... Read More

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