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AI Mavericks to Host AI Mastermind in Salt Lake City on May 20-22, 2024

May 1, 2024, Salt Lake City, Utah

AI Mavericks will host a business growth event, AI Mastermind, on May 20-22, 2024 at Edison House in downtown Salt Lake City (335 S. 200 W. Salt Lake City, UT 84101).

Founded by Scott Duffy, a sought-after keynote speaker known for his dynamic approach to AI and business strategy, AI Mavericks is a Lehi, Utah-based company that helps leaders that want to learn how to make AI an important part of their business growth strategy. 

AI Mavericks is dedicated to demystifying AI and helping tech leaders create a vision for harnessing it to help build their businesses. Prior to AI Mavericks, Duffy founded Smart Charter, which was acquired by Richard Branson’s Virgin Group. He also held leadership roles at, NBC Internet, & CBS Sportsline.

Duffy started his career working for Tony Robbins. He is listed as a “Top 10 Speaker” by He spoke at the NYSE and has provided commentary in numerous media outlets including CNBC, FOX News, and CBS Radio. He has served as Special Project Editor at Inc, VIP Contributor at Entrepreneur, and Co-Host of a Top Podcast for Microsoft. 

Duffy said the audience will consist of Founders, CEOS, & Leadership Teams that want to build great companies and learn how AI can help them scale faster, create more efficiency in their business, and improve margins. "It's intended for those people that want to stay a step ahead of their competition and don't want to get left behind by AI. It's perfect for that person who everyone is looking at in an organization to create a vision about how the company will use AI to grow their business. For those companies that have struggled to raise capital in the past 1-2 years, it's a perfect way to learn how to do more with less while still creating exceptional results."

"Most of the people we talk to are stuck between 'the fear of missing out' and 'the fear of jumping in," stated Duffy.

"It's the person that signed up for every AI email newsletter a year ago and is now overwhelmed," said Duffy. With this event and follow up events, Duffy aims to provide these people with "the 5% of information they need to know and how to determine that the 95% of other AI information is really just noise."

The event will include speakers, workshops, and breakout sessions. For the full schedule, visit the AI Mavericks website at

AI Mastermind, May 20-22, 2024

  • May 20 - Opening Dinner (collaboration theme)
  • May 21 - Full Day (preparation theme)
  • May 22 - Full Day (implementation theme)

Speakers include industry leaders in AI, including:

  • George Bandarian
  • Anthony Batt
  • Barclay Burns
  • Dan Clark
  • Gary Fowler
  • Hector Garcia
  • Randy Garn
  • Jonathan Gibbs
  • Andy Steuer
  • Benson Sung
  • Joe Stolte
  • Jason Thelin

The goal of the AI Mastermind is to simplify everything. "We don't look at AI from 50,000 feet. We don't spend time talking about how the world will look in 50 years. Instead, our members learn how to implement AI into their business today to help increase efficiency and improve margins. Members walk away with a clear AI vision, strategy and roadmap for their business. They also leave with a framework to communicate this plan to their boards, investors, and teams. Attendees will become a part of an exceptional business network," said Duffy.

“This is not a 50K foot look at the future of AI," said Duffy. "It's an active event, with an exceptional group of peers, teaching you how to create a personal AI roadmap for your business, sell it through your organization, and implement it in a way that reduces costs, creates more efficiency, and improves profit margins."

For more information about the May 20-22 AI Mastermind click here. The price is $1,499 until May 12. Enter TechBuzz discount code: TECHBUZZVIP to receive 50% off.

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