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Altaport Announces New Partnerships for Vertiport Automation

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Altaport, a Salt Lake City-based developer of aerodrome automation systems, announces new partnerships that are key to the company's ongoing development of an advanced vertiport automation system (VAS). These partnerships enable Altaport to act as a systems integrator for vertiports, combining multiple critical systems into a single modular platform with out-of-the-box capabilities to facilitate safe and efficient handling of high-volume ground operations for electric vertical take-off and landing aircraft (eVTOL) and cargo drones. TechBuzz covered Altaport's founding and funding in December 2022.

“Vertiport developers are actively designing facilities to physically handle high-volume and highly autonomous operations within very limited spaces. Altaport is committed to providing the industry with the digital infrastructure necessary to operate these vertiports safely and efficiently from day one of eVTOL operations,” says Cory Cozzens, Altaport co-founder. “Our partnerships with market leaders and innovators are another critical step in our effort to provide the industry with a comprehensive solution capable of managing the complex and dynamic demands the future of air mobility presents.”

Altaport’s system provides the functionality necessary to manage high-tempo, autonomous ground activity—including resource scheduling, surface movement, ground service provisioning, passenger management, and vehicle charging. The partnerships augment these capabilities by providing accurate, real-time visibility into a number of factors that affect vertiport operations.

Altaport has signed strategic partnership agreements with TruWeather, Electro.Aero, Fortem,, ResilienX, and Moonware (whose autonomous and electric pushback vehicle is pictured right) to provide a comprehensive vertiport management solution that incorporates data inputs like low altitude micro-weather, Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B), foreign object debris (FOD) detection, and airspace incursion sensors while managing ground activities like vehicle charging and ground support equipment (GSE) allocation and movement.

“We are pleased to be working side-by-side with great partners to build the future of mobility,” says Robert Carroll, Altaport co-founder. “The advanced air mobility ecosystem will require massive coordination between sophisticated public and private entities. Altaport, in partnership with key service providers, has an important role to play as a platform for collaboration.”

Altaport’s digital tools are currently used by heliport and airport managers to orchestrate ground operations at locations around the world. Their new partners represent advanced air mobility’s leading aerodrome service providers:

  • automates operations monitoring and data services for ground infrastructure managers and flight schools
  • designs and builds charging solutions for the electrified future of air mobility
  • Fortem Technologies is the leader in airspace awareness, security, and defense for UAM and AAM (Fortem antenna array pictured right)
  • Moonware provides solutions to automate and optimize ground handling operations in real time, yielding optimal efficiency and safety
  • ResilienX’s software monitors the health, integrity, and performance of complex systems of systems
  • TruWeather Solutions collects and fuses diverse weather data sets, translating the data into targeted insights and actionable decisions for weather-sensitive industries.

Additionally, Altaport has an existing partnership with Volatus to provide the digital components of their vertiport solutions.

As these and new infrastructure managers look to the future, Altaport and its partners are helping them prepare to meet the rigorous demands of advanced air mobility.

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