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FlowState launches Holistic Tool for Increasing Sales Performance

In Lehi, Utah, at the intersection of the state's thriving tech scene and a growing awareness of mental health, sits FlowState, a bootstrapped startup founded in 2022 by mental health therapists and coaches with sales backgrounds, that’s breaking new ground.

FlowState is a Utah startup pioneering a holistic approach to sales performance, believing that mental health support is not just beneficial overall but essential for success in high-pressure sales roles. After proven success in the door-to-door industry, the FlowState team has launched solutions to work with sales teams of all kinds.

“Companies are starting to see the connection between employee well-being and sales performance and are ready for a more transformative solution beyond what incentives, perks, or time-off can provide on their own,” said Stratton Nielsen, Mental Health Therapist, and Co-founder of FlowState.

FlowState's founders—Stratton Nielsen, Wes Young, and Matt Kauer—each bring their own stories of encountering stress and burnout in their careers. Their personal experiences in the sales field and high-stress environments led them to a shared realization: the sales industry was in dire need of a solution that addressed the mental health of its professionals. From this shared vision, FlowState was born—a platform designed to support salespeople in achieving a peak state of mental well-being so they can sell at their best, hit quotas, and enjoy the work they’re engaged in. 

“We often relate what we do for sales teams to what sports psychologists do for sports teams. Professional athletes are constantly living under pressure to perform at a peak level, said Co-founder and CEO, Wes Young. "For that reason, organizations such as the NBA and NFL now require a sports psychologist or similar, to be staffed and on-site for athletes as a constant resource. We see salespeople feeling the weight of similar performance pressures, and we want to help. Just like sports teams, we believe every sales team needs professional support dedicated to their mental performance and well-being.

FlowState's approach is built on three key pillars: coaching, data insights, and an innovative app.

  • Coaching: FlowState offers mental performance coaching and workshops, providing sales professionals with transformational experiences and strategies to tackle common challenges such as stress and anxiety.
  • Data Insights: Through tracking and analytics, FlowState offers insights into mental health patterns, helping sales teams understand how well-being impacts performance over time. According to these analytics, 9/10 Reps agree or strongly agree that FlowState resources, coaching, and training helped increase their overall mental health and well-being.
  • The App: The centerpiece of FlowState's approach, their app, serves as a pocket-sized coach, offering access to resources, training, and personal wellness metrics, ensuring support is always at hand.

Nate Carter, CEO of Enviroguard Pest Control, said implementing FlowState's principles led to a noticeable shift in his company's culture, with increased trust and performance stemming from a genuine care for employee well-being.

"Thanks to FlowState, our sales organization saw an overall improvement in their morale and overall well-being," said Carter. "I think the biggest improvement we saw was an improvement in our culture. When our employees could see we cared about their mental and overall health, they trusted us more and had higher performance. On top of all of that, I loved that I had another pillar to lean on. Leading a big group isn’t easy and help goes a long way. The help I saw from the FlowState team was comforting, dependable, and most importantly, effective at improving our sales force!”

In addition, FlowState’s positive impact was also observed by Wyatt Phelps, Chief Sales Officer at SoIQ in Orem, Utah.

“Hiring FlowState to do a workshop at our monthly sales meeting was a neat experience for me personally as I participated in the workshop myself, I learned many useful practices that I have since been able to share with many others." said Phelps.

He added, "What I loved most wasn’t how impacted I felt but rather how amazing it felt to get so many texts very shortly after of our salespeople being so beyond grateful for the tools they gained during the workshop. It was made pretty clear that a lot of these people have needed these tools and practices but haven’t maybe known it or maybe not known where to find them. It felt really good knowing I was able to help bring that help to them.”

"FlowState blends mental health support with sales performance. It offers fresh perspective on success in the sales industry. By equipping sales professionals with the tools to manage stress and foster mental resilience, FlowState is proving that high performance and well-being go hand in hand," said FlowState Co-Founder, Matt Kauer.

"Sales teams (and sales managers) are experiencing high stress, burn-out, and turnover. We invite companies to recognize mental well-being as something fundamentally vital to success and career longevity," said Kauer.

See the FlowState app in the Apple Store.

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