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Gabb Advocates for Less Tech with National Digital Detox Initiative

Gabb announces a surprising initiative—the Gabb Digital Detox™ phone fast. In a bold move for a tech company, this Silicon Slopes innovator is calling upon its customers, social media collaborators, and individuals nationwide to experience the profound benefits of unplugging and reclaiming personal connection in their lives.

“It was such an eye opening experience for me. As a result, I have committed to being more present at all times.”

"We’re a tech company but we’re all about helping people get the pros of tech without the cons," says Gabb CEO, Nate Randle. "We believe that by stepping back from technology, even for just a week, people can rediscover the joy of real-life interactions and the world around them."

Based in Lehi, Utah, Gabb joined the tech scene in 2018 when it created a new category with kid-safe phones and watches devoid of social media apps and other common digital dangers. Gabb devices and software are engineered to help kids take gradual, tailored steps into the world of technology. In addition to its products, Gabb has also become a leading source of educational content for parents looking to keep their children safe in a digital world.

“We talk a lot about the dangers of screen addiction so it felt right to practice what we preach,” says Gabb VP of Community Impact, Lori Kun. “Our products are designed specifically for kids but it takes a village to raise a child and adults can’t really teach something they don’t know themselves.”

Earlier this year, Gabb undertook an employee digital detox week and the results showed 93% felt more present in the moment, 87% felt more productive, 87% had improved relationships with close friends and family, 73% had better sleep, and 73% felt more happiness. Some members of Gabb’s influencer network also joined in and found similar benefits.

“I realized how habitual it was for me to pick up my phone and open social media for no real reason,” said New Orleans Saints quarterback Taysom Hill. Hill is a Gabb investor as well as an advocate for Gabb's mission. “It was such an eye opening experience for me. As a result, I have committed to being more present at all times.”

The success of the internal digital detox prompted the company to expand the initiative beyond its walls. Here's how the Gabb Digital Detox works:

Participants are invited to start their 7-day digital detox anywhere from March 19 to April 5, 2024, where they can choose from various levels of disconnection to fit their lifestyle—from minimizing app usage to a complete social media blackout. The custom-built detox program provides participants with proactive strategies to manage tech absence, and an opportunity to share their experience in a post-digital detox assessment survey.

Businesses and organizations ready to foster a culture of balanced tech use can partner with Gabb for expert guidance on organizing a collective phone fast. For more information on the Gabb Digital Detox, or to learn how to facilitate your own phone fast, email

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