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Gabb Launches Gabb Music+, a Premium Safe Music Streaming Service for Kids

May 7, 2024, Lehi, Utah

Gabb, the Lehi, Utah-based kid-safe technology company, announced today the launch of Gabb Music+, a premium version of the safe music streaming service that previously debuted on Gabb phones. Gabb recruited top music industry talent to open a Nashville office and lead the first-of-its-kind kid-safe music streaming service.

Unlike other streaming options that have limited parental settings—or that only include songs in the children’s music genre—Gabb Music offers listeners the largest kid-safe library of music, including new releases and top hits from all genres and decades. It’s the premium service that allows kids and teens to safely explore and discover their own musical tastes.

  • Only Child-Friendly Tracks: Gabb Music+ features a licensed music catalog. Gabb filters out inappropriate lyrical content based on Gabb's standards and guidelines. Gabb’s music curators curate playlists in connection with kids’ activities, moods and big milestones.
  • Premium Experience: With Gabb Music+, kids not only access the largest library of safe, popular songs available but also enjoy a world-class experience similar to leading streaming services. They can create custom playlists, search an extensive library, and even cache tracks directly to their Gabb phones for offline listening.
  • Easy Access: Gabb Music and Gabb Music+ are available exclusively on Gabb Phone models. This unified ecosystem makes it convenient for parents to provide their kids with a safe and enjoyable music streaming experience.

“This is the first time a music streaming service that includes all genres has been built from the ground up with kids in mind first and foremost,” said Kerri Fox-Metoyer, Gabb’s Head of Entertainment. “It’s a streaming service that parents can trust out of the box.”

Fox-Metoyer’s move to Gabb continues an impressive career in the entertainment and technology world, with previous executive roles at The Walt Disney Company, Sony Music, Sony Electronics, & EMI Music. She was named one of Billboard Magazine's 2018 Top Branding Power Players & recognized as one of Nashville Business Journal's 2018 Women in Music City award honorees. Fox-Metoyer recruited Gabb’s Nashville team from top music industry talent, including Eric Lackscheide—a R&R Pop Music Director Of The Year three-time nominee.

Fox-Metoyer and team negotiated partnerships with major record labels to make their vast catalogs available on the service. Gabb Music uses a first-of-its-kind process to scan millions of songs using industry-leading tools, together with Gabb’s own proprietary technology and human review of the songs and album art to curate the world’s safest music catalog for kids and teens.

With the release of Gabb Music+, kids not only get the largest library of safe, popular songs available but also a world-class experience on par with the best streaming services available. With the new Gabb Music+ service, Gabb kids get options that allow them to create custom playlists, search Gabb Music’s library, and cache tracks directly to their Gabb phone. It’s the premium service that allows kids and teens to safely explore and discover their own musical tastes.

“We’re really intentional about gathering feedback from families,” said Gabb CEO Nate Randle. “One of the top requests we heard from both kids and parents was a safe music app. Before Gabb Music, it was an all-or-nothing situation: give kids the music they want but potentially expose them to inappropriate content, or don’t give them anything. Gabb Music gives kids the freedom and control to explore different genres of music.”

Gabb Music and Gabb Music+ are available exclusively on Gabb Phone, Gabb Phone Plus, or Gabb Phone 3 Pro as part of a customer’s monthly service plan, or as an additional monthly subscription, depending on the plan selected.

Learn more about Gabb music subscriptions at or from the video below:

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