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Infini-D Learning Rebrands as

Today, the Provo, Utah-based K-12 education company, previously known as Infini-D Learning, has announced the launch of its new brand, The unveiling of the new brand marks the culmination of years of dedicated research and development, supported by over $2 million in funding from the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences.’s technology enables teachers to embed immersive, full-class simulations, many with a STEM focus, directly into their curriculum.

The path leading to this launch has been anything but conventional. Recognizing how critical it is to engage students, the simulations creates range from voyages in space to navigating real-world historical events. Akin to what one would expect to find in a sci-fi novel, the system is powered by an intelligent engine that dynamically adjusts to students' decisions and problem-solving, offering far more than mere role-play.

The company's mission is centered around helping students develop the skills necessary to succeed in a technology-saturated future. “The current level of reading, writing, and arithmetic we are teaching is what machines will always do better, states Skyler Carr, CEO and co-founder of “If we don’t find a way to go deeper, we’re only making future generations more replaceable.” This is why the team’s research and development has centered on finding ways to develop and measure skills like collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. Skyler emphasizes, “At, we're focused on developing irreplaceable human skills, ensuring students thrive alongside technology, not in its shadow."

This news comes in the wake of growing national recognition and attention:

Educators looking to explore's offerings can do so by registering for a free account on the company's website, which grants immediate access to its suite of immersive, educational simulations. With its proven track record of enhancing classroom engagement and skill development, invites teachers from around the globe to join in redefining the educational landscape for the next generation.

Founded in 2017,, previously named Infini-D Learning, is an education technology that developed innovative e-learning platform, with support from a National Science Foundation grant.'s platform hosts several simulation games that students play together as a class. The simulations can serve as capstones to classroom instruction. In the simulations, students do preparatory research, assume different roles within a broader team, and embark on missions that tests their mastery of what learned in the simulation. During missions, students are prompted to interact with one another and solve real problems (like a tsunami hitting a human outpost on a fictional remote planet), which the technology analyzes to assess each student’s subject mastery, in many STEM and non-STEM subject areas and 21st-century skills.

For more information about, read the August 2020 TechBuzz article (TechBuzz News' very first article) that includes a video interview of CEO, Skyler Carr. 

For additional information, visit

Header image above: children of Midvale Elementary School after having completed a mission.

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