Zonos Raises $69 Million Series A

MONEY - September 16, 2021

Zonos, the St. George based software company helping simplify duties, taxes, and fees for ecommerce, announced September 15th it has raised a $69 million Series... Read More

RainFocus Raises $60M Series C

MONEY - September 13, 2021

RainFocus, the enterprise event marketing platform, today announced it has closed its Series C funding of $60 million led by KKR, a global investment firm. Exis... Read More

Bain Invests $45 Million in Cotopaxi

MONEY - September 08, 2021

Cotopaxi, the outdoor gear brand based in Salt Lake City known for giving a minimum of 1% of all revenues to charitable causes, today announced a $45 million in... Read More

Krado Raises $400K+ Pre-Seed

MONEY - September 03, 2021

Krado is a Salt Lake City-based plant care startup using data from sensors, guidance from expert growers, and growing support (fertilizers, pest control, soil c... Read More

Workstream Closes $48 Million Series B

MONEY - August 27, 2021

On August 26, 2021, Workstream announced it has raised $48M in Series B funding. Workstream is a San Francisco-based HR and recruiting platform and mo... Read More

Aumni Raises $50 Million Series B

MONEY - August 26, 2021

Today Aumni announced it has closed $50 million in Series B funding, in a round led by J.P. Morgan. Salt Lake City-based Pelion Venture Partners ... Read More

Bacon Raises $3 Million Series A

MONEY - August 19, 2021

Bacon announced today it has raised a $3 million Series A led by Ed Baker, former VP of Growth at Uber. Assure Syndicates of Salt Lake City, and Hall Venture Pa... Read More

401GO Announces $2 Million Seed Round

MONEY - August 17, 2021

401GO announced today it has closed a $2 million seed round led by Toronto-based Impression Ventures, which will also be taking a board seat with the company. S... Read More

Campfire Raises $2.5M Seed

MONEY - August 16, 2021

Campfire, a startup in Lehi focused on management training, has raised $2.5 million in seed funding. The investment is led by Sepio Capital, a multifamily offic... Read More

TaxBit Raises $130M Series B at $1.33B Valuation

MONEY - August 12, 2021

TaxBit, the tax and accounting software provider for the digital economy, announced today a $130 million Series B funding round at a $1.33 billion valuation. Th... Read More

Brandless Raises $118 Million

MONEY - August 04, 2021

CEO Cydni Tetro closes one of the largest woman-led funding rounds, and definitely Utah's largest. The raise will accelerate the ecommerce company’s m... Read More

Music-Tech Startup Moises Raises $1.6 Million Seed Round

MONEY - August 03, 2021

Music-tech startup Moises announced it has raised a seed financing round of $1.6 million, led by investments by Salt Lake City-based Kickstart Fund, with p... Read More

Clientbook Raises $4.5 Million Series A

MONEY - July 27, 2021

At the beginning of July 2021, Clientbook, a CRM startup for high-end retailers, raised a $4.5 Million Series A. Aries Capital Partners from Salt Lake City led ... Read More

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